I am a writer.


I haven’t always been a writer. I found writing one of the easier tasks in school, but reading was difficult. I had way too much energy to sit there for long. My family teases me to this day that Lucky Lucky White Horse was the only book I’d read completely. When I was 23 and sitting in a movie theater box office for hours on end each day, I quickly learned to like to read. After an injury, I reached a point where my back and neck bothered me so much that I gave it up as quickly as I started.

Years later, I woke up from a dream that seemed to me like a vague memory of one of the few kids’ books I’d read. I felt an impression, like a nudge in my spirit, I was to write that story. Two additional ideas quickly followed. I made note of them, bought a laptop computer and started on the first book. 7 years later, I’d finished the first two books, complete with computer graphic illustrations. Then I had another dream. This time it seemed like a cozy mystery and soon Samantha Mason Murder Mysteries was born.

I joined Word Weavers International, a Christian writers’ critique group, attended the 2013 Florida Christian Writers Conference, and completed the first novel a couple years later. I am still trying to find a publishing home for that work, while I grind away on a sequel, a new dystopian novel, and other projects of fiction and non-fiction. I’ve won awards for numerous works of various genres over the past years and have had some shorter works published online and in print.

Mission Statement

To show a picture of Christians as normal and not the caricature that is often portrayed by Hollywood and media as a people that don’t think and instead walk around beating themselves with a cat o’ nine tails.  And to bring comfort and encouragement to those women and men still waiting on a spouse from God.

Hope in Waiting

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My Blog

My blog is geared toward giving hope to those still waiting for their significant other. Having waited until the age of 50 to get married, I had to dig in and trust God really has His best for me. I struggled with feelings of being left behind and forgotten. As wedding invitations arrived for couples much younger than I and seeing the signs of aging setting in, I clung to the hope I’d received from God in a promise for a husband.

I can look back and see God working in me over the years to trust Him for my provisions and in His timing. My heart is for those still single and wanting a spouse, and for those who settled along the way, because they felt that God had forgotten them. My heart is also for those longing to have a family with children, those waiting for lost ones to turn to Jesus, or any other person waiting on God for the desires of their heart.

Hope in Waiting

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