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Sally Friscea resides in Melbourne, Florida. Prior military, she is now s a bookkeeper and financial counselor. She is a multi-genre award winning author who completed two children’s picture books, and her first adult suspense novel, but also enjoys shorter works of fiction and articles. Currently, she is working on sequels to her first novel and a dystopian novel.

Writing Experience – Sally Friscea is a multi-genre award winning author who has previously written two children’s picture books—one is a story of a little girl who learns about sharing her possessions and time with children who have less (FCWC 2013 award).  The other is a rhyming book of manners. She has written works of poetry, articles (2016 Tapestry Award), short stories, and flash fiction (2015 Tapestry Award), with one published on the Lightning Blog of Splickety Publishing Group. This is her first completed novel (FCWC 2013 Award). She is currently working on the sequel (FCWC 2017 Award).

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