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Our Story

It all started with Scripture Blocks, but when the shipping prices became a sticking factor in success, I switched to creating digital downloads and POD (print on demand).

I have more ideas than time to create, so I've found the best ones to share with you. I expect you'll enjoy using them as much as I did bringing them to life.

When I turned my focus to digital downloads & POD, I changed the shop's name to Friscea Faire. My husband begged me to call it something people can actually pronounce, not our last name--I guessed three times wrong before he told me when we met: FREE-shuh

Without his support, Friscea Faire would not have happened, so I kept the name and purposed to teach everyone how to say it.🤣

With the idea of bringing joy and whimsicality to your flight in life, our digital items can bring some color to your blank canvas of chores and the mundane in life. Bringing a bit of inspiration, humor, and fun to your day✨

Thank you for stopping by and looking at our collections of Decision Dice, wall art, T-shirts, and mugs.

Capturing Just a Few of the Many Ideas Coming at Me

a white crib with 6 pictures on the wall depicting the Biblical days of creation

Creation Wall for Boys

a white crib and 6 pictures on the wall depicting the Biblical days of creation

Creation Wall (Neutral)

a white crib with a pink scarf hanging from the ceiling with 6 pics depicting the Biblical day of creation

Creation Wall for Girls

Decision Dice samples of dice rolling decision making printables for meal prep, chores and eating out, with flames in the background

7 PREFILLED LAYOUTS AND 3 BLANK TEMPLATES: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (for meal planning ease) Take-out, Dine-in (for decision making ease, whether eating out or bringing it home) TV/Movies (stop ruining date night or any night - stop scrolling and start watching!) Chores (for when you only have a few minutes and need to quickly knock out a chore that nobody wants to do!) Or make your own categories with the 3 extra templates. Print as needed or laminate/use notebook sleeves with dry erase to use over and over. Spice up date night or any other repeated activities that are sucking the life out of you just trying to decide!!!


Most with Boho Colors



Most with Boho Colors

Thank you for checking us out. Head on over to our Etsy store for more choices!


Friscea Faire Etsy store logo showing a tree with the store name in the middle of the leaves
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