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Friscea Financial Counseling

  • CREATE A BUDGET and develop a cash flow plan

  • Eliminate personal debt

  • Establish an emergency/opportunity savings fund

  • Learn how to GIVE, SAVE and SPEND appropriately

  • Develop financial independence/investment goals

  • Invest for college, retirement or large purchases

  • Establish a business cash flow and debt elimination plan

  • Learn how to navigate the insurance and investment worlds

budgeting help

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Financial Coach?

A Financial Coach will teach and encourage you to make good financial choices and add a layer of accountability.

Who needs Financial Counseling?

Financial Counseling is for anyone who needs direction in their personal finances.  You will benefit from Financial Counseling if you are in severe debt or if you just need confidence that you are on the right road.  Client’s needs vary from the financially insecure to the financially solvent…from the hourly wage earner, to the salaried employee, to the self-employed.  You will learn proven methods to manage your own finances.

What will I learn?

Learn how to get out of debt and stay out of debt.

Learn how to make a budget.

Learn how to GIVE, SAVE and SPEND appropriately.

Learn how to make good financial goals.

Learn how to keep good financial goals.

Learn how to invest for college, retirement or large purchases.

Learn how much insurance you need, if any, and what kind.

Learn how to navigate the insurance and investment worlds.

How will this process work?

First, we will have a conversation, so we will both understand what needs you may have. Secondly, we will email some MS Excel spreadsheet forms for you to fill out and email back. Thirdly, we will review your forms and set up a face-to-face or phone meeting to go over the forms together – that might last a couple of hours. Lastly, suggestions will be made during that meeting to help you adjust your finances to make your money work for you. We can schedule a 30 minute follow-up phone meeting for about a month later to make sure you are on track to financial freedom. Additional meetings can be provided, if needed.

How much does Financial Coaching cost?

Basic Coaching: $120. Achieve control of your current situation as you move through Baby Steps 1-3. How would it feel to be debt free and have an emergency fund in place?

Budget Basics Class : $200. Learn the basics of budgeting – bring me in for an onsite seminar for groups of up to 30 people.

Who needs to attend the meeting with me?

If you are married, your spouse will need to attend the meeting with you, so you will both be on the same page with your finances. If your spouse is not onboard with you, you will not have success. Please wait until you are both ready for this adventure. If you are single, then you can come alone or you can bring an accountability partner with you. This can be a friend, family member or anyone you give permission to know your business and speak into your life for advice and correction.


  • BRIEF CONSULTATION – You will talk with us over the phone, so we can learn what your specific needs might be and give you specific information on any emergency concerns and discuss how we will be able to meet your needs.

  • EMAIL FORMS – You will receive via email Microsoft Excel spreadsheet forms to fill out, which will give us a financial snapshot of your current situation. When you return the forms and we receive your payment, we will schedule an appointment to discuss in detail your personal situation.

  • TWO-HOUR MEETING – You will meet with us either in person or over the phone to discuss in detail your personal financial situation. We will help you create or adjust a personal budget for your household finances. We will help you with goals and teach you about any investment and insurance needs you may have. Additionally, we can teach you how to deal with collections, foreclosures or any other financial need you may have which is particular to your situation.

  • FOLLOW-UP MEETING(S) – You can schedule a short phone meeting about a month later to make sure you are confident and on your way to financial freedom.

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